18 May 2017

An emaciated female Mrs. M aged about 40 years was brought to the Government Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad and abandoned in the premises. The patient who was semi-clad with bones sticking out and half conscious was referred to our hospice for treatment and care.


She was transported in our ambulance to the hospice where the doctor and nurses washed and cleaned her, including removal of maggots from her wound around the breast. She was properly clothed and fed. It appeared that, she was an advanced stage cancer patient (of the breast) who was deprived of proper treatment and neglected by her family.

After a week of loving care, proper diet and medical treatment, the patient recovered from her traumatic condition and was able to provide details of her family. Our staff then traced out the family and obtained an affidavit from them which authorized us to look after till the end and also perform the funeral rights in the event of her death.


She spent about two months in our hospice where she was given quality end of life care and finally passed of peacefully, without pain, and most importantly in dignity. Her funeral rights were also performed by our hospice staff, again, with full respect and dignity to the departed soul.


This story exemplifies the kind of service we are provide for the poor populace who cannot afford to get quality palliative and end of life care under the prevalent health care system.

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