Mrs. S was 50 years old. She was married at a very young age. She has one daughter. The day she was diagnosed with cancer, husband thought she was no more useful for his pleasure and left her and married another lady. S used to work in a hospital as Aaya and bought up her daughter.


Her daughter got married. Unfortunately her daughter was attacked by seizures at the time of her delivery, both the baby and her daughter were no more to her and S has become all alone in her life. It took a couple of months for S to come out of these situations. As all this were not enough she was diagnosed with cancer cervix. She used to come to the hospital all alone for treatment.


One or two times her sister accompanied her to the hospital and later she was abandoned. Doctors tried their best to cure her disease but due to her aggressive disease S’s general condition started deteriorating day by day and she was not fit to undergo further treatment. She was completely transferred to pain & palliative care for end of life care. The same day we treated for her pain and other symptoms and shifted her to the hospice.


She was admitted and the staff in the hospice tried to provide the best palliative and supportive therapy. In the initial days she was moving around in the hospice and later she developed Lymphedema in both the lower limbs and has become for her to move or even get up from the bed and few days later she has become totally bed bound. When S was in the hospice her sister came to see her only once and didn’t even bother to take care of her. When her sister came and S was conscious we have taken consent from her and sister to cremate her and perform funeral rites.


During her final days she used to request the staff for food items of her choice. Call it premonition- S requested to be taken to her former house to say good bye to her friends and neighbors. When she came back S had one thousand rupees with her. She donated the amount to our administrator. Finally S left this world and there was a sense of peace on her. Her body was cremated with proper care and dignity and the funeral rites were performed by our staff.

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