This is the story of Mr. DS . He suffered with advanced Cancer Glottis. He underwent surgery and was left with Tracheostomy. He was referred to palliative care for his pain and tracheostomy care. Wife is the care giver and he has 3 children( girls).


They used to live in a small little room which is as small as our wash room. Wife is also a TB patient. He often used to complain of severe pain 10/10 round the neck and difficulty in swallowing and disturbed sleep due to pain and other psychological factors. He was registered for home care as he is the patient from Hyderabad. Home care team used to regularly follow up with the patient trying to address his physical and psychological pain.

Divan Shah was a auto driver and he was unable to work to his disease condition. His wife used to go for tailoring work and earn some little money to run the family. Through our organization we used to support the family by providing the basic needs like Rice, Dal, Oil etc for their day to day living. We also admitted in hospice for a couple of days and he was happy when he was at home surrounded by his children.


Where as he used to stay in hospice with his wife. The wife was well prepared and explained about his disease condition and his children were too young to understand about their father.


One fine day Divan Shah is no more and passed away at home. We also put all his 3 children in a government school. We tried our best to make his end comfortable and peaceful. With the help of donors and well wishers we got his wife a sewing machine so that, she could take care of her children with her lively hood by tailoring by staying at home.

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